• The minimum order for a single tier cake is 6" in diameter.  Our cakes are approximately 5" in height.

  • Pricing for a single tier naked cake with fresh flowers starts from $120.

  • Decorated single tier cakes start from $130.

  • Multi tiered cakes start from $270.

  • Sculpted cakes start from $200.


Fondant covered cakes are probably the most diverse style of cake.  The outer surface of fondant can be smooth or textured, coloured or plain white.  It can have stencilled patterns, royal icing, gold leaf, fondant motifs and other decorations added to create a myriad of designs.  The possibilities are endless!

Before the fondant can be applied to the cake, a layer of ganache must be added and smoothed to perfection to create a good foundation.  Dark chocolate ganache is the most commonly used ganache as white and milk chocolate ganache tend not to set in warmer conditions and may cause the cake to lose shape.









The naked cake is at the height of fashion right now.  They offer the rustic beauty of a layer cake, and topped with gorgeous blooms, fruit, chocolates or macarons, they are a breathtaking centrepiece for any occasion.

Naked cakes can be any flavour and can be layered and topped with buttercream or ganache.  They can be sprinkled with icing sugar in place of buttercream for a more delicate touch.

It should be noted that naked cakes can be prone to drying out due to the layers of cake being exposed to air and the drying effects of refrigeration.  Here at Byron Bay Cake Boutique, we take every precaution to ensure that this does not happen and your cake will taste as good as it looks.




The semi-naked cake is basically a naked cake with buttercream or ganache applied to the exterior, leaving some of the layers exposed.  This style is on trend with the naked cake.  It's simplicity, in combination with fresh florals, delivers a rustic beauty to behold.

This style is less prone to drying out as the layers have a coating that protects it from the elements.

When ordering a naked or semi-dressed cake, be sure to let us know whether you would like us to source the flowers for you, or if you will be ordering them through your florist.  We will also need to know if you would like us to style the blooms on your cake on the day of the event, or if your florist will be providing bouquets to be placed on the cake.  This will be taken into consideration when sending a quote to you.




The buttercream cake offers you a choice in textures to create the style of cake to suit your celebration.  To the left is a pure white buttercream cake with a rough spatula finish.  The buttercream cake can also have a smooth spatula finish, horizontal or vertical lines. Another option is to have rosettes of buttercream piped to the exterior of the cake, or ruffled lines.  This style is quite versatile.

If this is the style of cake you are after it is a good idea to do a little research first and find a buttercream texture that you love.  Feel free to send us an image of the kind of buttercream style that you would like.

The buttercream can be pure white, ivory, chocolate or coloured to suit the theme of your event.  Please advise us of this when placing your order.







The sculpted cake is truly an edible work of art!  They take many hours to plan, shape, smooth and decorate so they do generally cost more than the standard cake style.

It is best to choose a structurally sound cake, such as mud cake or buttermilk cake, because this is the foundation of your sculpted cake and you do not want it to lose shape or collapse.  

You are limited only by your imagination with this style of cake!




chocolate Ganache

The chocolate ganache cake can be any flavour of cake you desire.  To the outside of this we apply a layer of smooth, rich chocolate ganache; a mixture of the finest couverture chocolate and cream; basically what a chocolate truffle is made of.  We source all of our chocolate from The Byron Bay Chocolate Company so you can be guaranteed that it is absolutely delicious.  This is truly a decadent dessert for a special occasion!  

We can decorate the chocolate ganache cake with anything from chocolate coated strawberries, Byron Bay Chocolate Co chocolates, fresh blooms, or macarons.