Cake menu


·  Vanilla Buttermilk

The perfect vanilla buttermilk cake has the perfect crumb and rich buttery taste.  This is the one!  Layered with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, Vanilla Buttermilk is the most popular choice from our menu.  It is a classic combination that will please everyone.


·  Chocolate Fudge

A lovely chocolate buttermilk cake filled with whipped chocolate fudge frosting.  We use only the finest cocoa and couverture chocolate in this recipe which gives this cake depth in flavour, without being overly rich.  This cake is definitely a winner with the chocolate lovers!


·  Chocolate Mud

This cake is a must-have for the chocoholic at heart.  It is rich, moist and dense in texture.   What could be more decadent?  Layers of dark chocolate ganache or chocolate fudge frosting make it even more irresistible!  Guaranteed to send chocolate lovers to their happy place.


·  White Chocolate Mud

A delicious, rich white chocolate mud cake filled with layers of white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream.  This cake is not too sweet, and has the smooth, creamy lusciousness of white chocolate.  Heavenly!


·  Spiced Banana

A moist banana and yoghurt cake layered with a spiced honey Italian meringue buttercream.   With hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this cake is reminiscent of a banana smoothie.  Made with local, spray free bananas.


·  Classic Carrot

An award winning spiced carrot and pecan cake layered with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.  A twist on a traditional cake that everyone will love.


·  Sticky Date

Traditional sticky date cake layered with homemade caramel Italian meringue        buttercream.  Very moist, rich and decadent!


·  Coconut Citrus

The fresh, zesty tang of lemon, lime and orange, and a delicate hint of coconut, makes this cake so uplifting; it takes you away to a place in the sun.  Paired with layers of citrus Italian meringue buttercream, this is a wonderful combination.


·  Red Velvet

A vibrant red cake, lightly flavoured with vanilla and cocoa.  Layers of pure white frosting, or vanilla Italian meringue buttercream make a stunning contrast of colours to impress your guests.


Having trouble deciding?  Why not purchase one of our delicious Bridal Cake Tasting Packages to assist you?  Simply choose 5 flavours and we will make you 5 of the cutest mini layer cakes for you to try.  Please allow one weeks notice.


*  Please note:  in warmer months milk and white chocolate ganache does not set and may cause your cake to lose shape.   Dark chocolate ganache is recommended as a substitute in our warmer Australian climate.