The Process

Ordering a bespoke cake should be an easy and enjoyable process, however, if you have never ordered one before it can be a little daunting.  Below is a brief guide to how to order a bespoke cake from Byron Bay Cake Boutique.  If you would like a more in depth explanation please head over to the blog and have a read of "The Process, A Helpful Guide to Make Ordering a Bespoke Cake A Breeze"... (coming soon).


1. Do a little research first

Before making contact make sure you do some research to get an idea of what you would like your cake to look like or at least have an idea of the style.  Have a browse through our galleries:

 or the internet is also a wonderful source of inspiration when looking for design elements and themes.   If you haven't already, check out Pinterest.  You can create inspiration boards that can be very helpful in collecting ideas and narrowing down your options.


2. Make contact, check availability and provide details

Next you will need to establish whether there is availability for your cake.  Byron Bay Cake Boutique is a bespoke cake bakery; everything is made to order and decorated by hand.  There are limited places per week for cakes and we do book out regularly.  To avoid disappointment make sure you book well in advance.  

To make an enquiry please head to our contact page.  

3. Quotes, deposits and Payments

Once we have established availability and know the design and number of servings (dessert: 1"x2"x4", or coffee: 1"x1"x4" sized portions) we can go ahead with a quote for you.

If you are happy with the quote provided an invoice will be forwarded to you by email via our invoicing and payment system.  With a simple click of a button you can make your non-refundable deposit with Visa or MasterCard, or if you prefer you can make a bank transfer.  The deposit will confirm your order and hold the date for  you.  Without the deposit your order is not confirmed and the date is still available to other clients.  

The remaining balance is due to be paid in full two weeks before the event.  Part payments leading up to the event are welcome if this makes it easier for you.

4. Collection & Delivery

We have two collection locations:

1.  Suffolk Park - The Kitchen:  If you are collecting from the kitchen you will need to arrange an appointment.  This is because it is very important for us to stay on schedule for other deliveries and order commitments.  If you have been allocated a time for collection, please make sure you arrive promptly.

2. Byron Bay - The Cellar Bottleshop, 4 Lawson Street:  If you are collecting from this location you can pick up during business hours without an appointment.

If you are having your cake delivered please make sure you send us the address (with directions if you are not on Google Maps) and give a preferred delivery time.  This will ensure your cake arrives on time and allows us to stay on schedule.

5. Short notice orders

It is not always possible to accommodate short notice orders but we will fit them in whenever we can.

A lot of planning, organisation and time goes into creating a bespoke cake.  Quotes and designs need to be arranged,  special materials and equipment may need to be ordered in,  there are usually negotiations and changes due to budgets, and payments need to be cleared before work can begin on any cake.  And then there's the actual cake making!  For this reason any cake ordered within two weeks of an event is regarded as a short notice order.

If we have availability for your short notice order please adhere to these simple instructions to ensure it is accepted:

  • Be concise with your design requirements and keep it simple
  • Please respond promptly to emails so that the final invoice can be drawn up and sent to you as soon as possible
  • Ensure the invoice is paid immediately and email the receipt as work cannot begin on your cake until full payment is received. 

If communication is slow or payment is not received within a reasonable time frame, the order may be cancelled.